Orisha Beadwork at OrishaBeadwork.com is an online gallery to display the Orisha Beadwork and Palo Beadwork of James “Jimmy Ogun” Norman. Jimmy Ogun has been beading ceremonial work and artistic Orisha Art & Palo Art for over forty seven years. He can be contacted at: Balogun1@gmail.com .

Orisha Beadwork – Beaded Ochun Crown

Orisha Beadwork – Beaded Ochun Crown This Beaded Orisha Crown for Ochun was featured in the “Bead Body and Soul” exhibition and had been displayed in museums across the United States, including the Studio Museum in Harlem, the Elvehjem Museum of Art, and the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History. This Ochun crown was part of an […]

Orisha Beadwork – Beaded Ibeji Tunic

Orisha Beadwork – Beaded Ibeji Tunic This is an Orisha Beadwork beaded Ibeji Tunic by James Norman. One of the tunics are beaded for Yemaja and the Other is beaded for Chango.

Ogun Bat

Ogun Bat This is a beaded bat for the Orisha (Orisa) Ogun by James Norman

Elegba Garabato

Elegba Garabato These are two beaded Elegba garabato’s by James “Jimmy Ogun” Norman.

Beaded Egun Cane

Beaded Egun Cane

This is a Beaded Egun Cane by James “Jimmy Ogun” Norman.

palo art

Mama Chola Flag

Beaded Flag for Mama Chola by Palo Priest (Palero) James “Jimmy Ogun” Norman.  

Beaded palo bat

Palo Bat

Beaded Palo Bat by Palo priest James “Jimmy Ogun” Norman